Socal Herbal Remedies


What is Socal Herbal Remedies?

Socal herbal remedies was a popular Kratom vendor since 2015. It was based in California, USA. Their online services were highly appreciated and the products were also of good quality along with fair price. They used to sell quality kratom like some other vendors but the pricing was very cheap. In early 2020 the vendor got some allegations by a customer and they got to sue their company for a reason.

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Quality kratom

Kratom sold by them was of high quality and smelled fresh as well. As many of its users gave positive reviews about the quality and it seems that it was the best vendor of its time. It is also said that they enjoyed their top ranking at that time and did not focus on the quality and other things, they only gave priority to the money. Many customers received quality strains and packaging was also good.

About products and price

There were three major product types which are 

  • Kratom powder
  • tea
  • capsule. 

In Green, white and red, a lot of strains they had to offer.

Main reason for their popularity is their fair pricing, mostly people admire low rates and socal was good at it. Like 5*250 grams for $110, which is cheaper.


Socal did not offer any cash back guarantee and refund for any issue in orders. If a person has a problem with the order it cannot be replaced or refundable which is a risk for new customers to trust a vendor.

Shipment and delivery

Vendor was incredibly good at shipments and deliveries. They were famous for their fast deliveries within one or two days. Deliveries were only available within the USA. An amount of $2 was delivery charges for USPS and for fastest delivery via FEdex within one or two days was charged $7.5. Cutoff time for orders was 2pm.

Socal kratom death

Most popular vendor finished the company in searly 2020 because one of its customers took acute mitragynine in high quantity and died in a car accident, the family of that guy accused socal herbal of their son’s death. They stated that there is nothing mentioned on their website about harms of  their products. Thats why the company thought to not continue it anymore. Niow they have started their new company with another name which is ‘FIRST COAST TEA COMPANY’.

Payment methods

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and more. Money orders and other methods 


  • Good quality Kratom
  • Fast delivery
  • Cheap rates
  • Positive comments by customers
  • Works as best painkiller



Delivery charges, while others are offering free delivery

Non refundable

Non exchangeable

No proper information about dosage and harms on website

Quality check was done done properly

Delivery only with in USA


At the end its is said by many people that if you want to start kratom or any other things like that you should study about that thing thoroughly and you must have the knowledge about dosage and medicinal disclaimer.