Kratom Potentiators

When a person is thinking about using kratom there are some kratom potentiators that a person must know and be aware of. Knowing this information will help a person have a positive experience and will allow them to make an informed decision about using kratom. These potentiators can also increase the effects of kratom and allow the effects to become more powerful.


Kratom powder mixes well with grapefruit. Not only will grapefruit improve the taste if the kratom it will extend the duration of the positive effects that kratom has to offer. A person will be able to enjoy the feeling of euphoria for a longer period of time. if a person does not want to mix the kratom with the grapefruit they can take the kratom then sip on grapefruit juice after to extend the duration of the effects.


Tea is known for soothing properties but it can help with the effects of the kratom. The tea will be able to allow a person to use the kratom power and have something to mix it in that will taste better. This will also increase the calming benefits that the kratom has to offer. Green tea as well as chamomile tea is often used to mix in the kratom. To see even stronger effects a little bit of honey can be added to enhance the alkaloid properties and will intensity the effects.


This spice goes well with the kratom. The spice is known for having anti inflammatory properties as well as anti oxidant properties. When it is mixed with kratom it will boost the soothing effects that the alkaloids in the kratom provide.


This vegetable is not only good for overall health but it mixed well with kratom. This vegetable has minerals that are able to bond well with the mitragynine in the kratom. This will allow a person to enjoy the effects of the kratom for a longer period of time. As a bonus they will be able to increase their daily intake of vitamins and minerals as well.

Cayenne Pepper

This pepper is known for having relaxing properties. It can be added to kratom to intensity the effects and will allow a person to enjoy the kratom.


When a person is taking kratom to increase their energy levels coffee can further intensify this effect. Coffee and kratom belong to the same family so they work very well together for energy and alertness.

These are some of the kratom potentiators that will increase the effects that kratom has on a person. These simple foods can help intensity the effects and will allow a person to enjoy the euphoria feeling that kratom has to offer only at a more intense rate.